Interface Designed by: Tommy N. Tyler

    JPX USB  Interface: US $36.95                                         
     P/N: JPX-USB-102 



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Here's our new JPX USB Flash Interface design using the latest FTDI Technology. It works reliably with the following remotes using the current JP1.2, JP1.3 and now the newsest JP2.x ports under any battery conditions from 2-cell models with weak batteries or no batteries at all.
As with both devices we have added a Green LED that will show when data is being transmitted to and from the remote.

If FTDI Drivers are needed please click on the link or any FTDI Icon on this page.
---------> $36.95 Plus US Shipping & Handling Rate: $7.95
 For sales out side of the US, Please email us your country code and ship to address for current shipping & handle charges....Thank You.