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TxSat Electronics is a Texas based JP1 remote interface designer, builder and supplier and as well to have all of our products commissioned exclusively for us by Mr. Tommy Tyler the leader in todays custom design builds of all JP1 Remote Devices. For those still using the older type EEPROM based remotes, we have now introduced our New JP1 USB EEPROM Interface as well as our New JPX USB Flash companion for all of your JP1.2, JP1.3, JP2, JPX remotes...For more information please click on the appropriate link below.

DJI Spark Combo Pack
Flytrex Live 3G Plus

(New) 3G Plus
DJI Mavic Pro with Accessories
Flytrex Core 2

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FireTV Stick

FireTV Stick Powered by USB No AC Power Needed !

GoPro Hero 5